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Welcome to the EASIEST way to track your reading life!

Why use a spreadsheet? These 5 reasons:

  1. The thinking? Done for you! Drop-down menus allow you to select from multiple preloaded options.
  2. The math? Done for you! Tables and charts auto-display aggregated data every time you enter a new book.
  3. The organizing? Easy-peasy! Filter and sort so your data displays EXACTLY how you want.
  4. The searching? Easy-peasy! Type in a keyword and find what you want in a FLASH.
  5. Motivation? Built in! It’s so inspiring to see your reading life take shape!

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What’s Inside?

15 glorious tabs that track everything—and I mean everything—about your reading life.

All you have to do is fill in the blanks!

This is a Google Spreadsheet, so you can access it anywhere—just pull it up on your phone.

Book tracker template for Google Sheets

Keep your reading life at your fingertips

At the library wracking your brain for that amazing book you heard about last week? Just pull up your TBR on your phone!

Your friend needs a recommendation for a feel-good romcom? Click over to your book log, and filter by Romance. 

Want to review your book but don’t know where to start? Book review templates to the rescue!

Yes, I want the Blissful Book Tracker!

Here’s exactly what’s on each tab:

Tab 1: Welcome & Video Tutorials

Tab 2: Book Log

Tab 3: Snapshot (Charts)

Tab 4: Mini TBR

Tab 5: Full TBR

Tab 6: 5×5 Challenge

Tab 7: Series Tracker

Tab 8: Quotes

Tab 9: Fiction Reviews

Tab 10: Nonfiction Reviews

Tab 11: Skinny Reviews

Tab 12: My Book Awards

Tab 13: Picture Books

Tab 14: Chapter Books

Tab 15: Read-Alouds