Library Binding

A literary meet-‘n’-greet in 10 pictures or less

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About Library Binding

This is a literary meet ‘n’ greet in 10 pictures or less hosted on Substack.

Yes, you read that right. Picture interviews. Short and scannable.

I interview authors, teachers, booksellers, and professional readers—basically, people who have a stack of books on their nightstand that is overflowing onto the carpet and possibly under the bed.

With every post, I’ll introduce you to someone new and give you a bundle of book recommendations.

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Help an Author Out

Writers and authors love storytelling and using words to probe life’s depths.

What do they NOT love? Marketing and self-promotion.

One of the things I want to do with Library Binding is help authors and writers showcase their work and, in the process, fill your TBR with worthy titles.

Would you like to do an interview or nominate someone for an interview?

I’m most interested in featuring fiction authors who are indies and with small presses—basically, anyone who is supposed to “get out there and market their book.”

I’d also love to hear from

  • Writers outside the traditional book space
  • Teachers
  • Librarians and booksellers
  • Editors, publishing pros, and anyone else who reads for a living

If you’re thinking, “That’s me!” then email me at and we’ll see if you’re a fit.