Anne of Green Gables Gifts to Delight Kindred Spirits

Anne of Green Gables Gifts to Delight Kindred Spirits

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There’s nothing that can top the gift of a bosom friend. Anne Shirley taught me that.

But that doesn’t stop me from being utterly smitten by all the wonderful gifts that evoke the irrepressible Anne, peaceful Green Gables, and charming Prince Edward Island.

From T-shirts to mugs to stickers and beyond, there’s something for every Avonlea devotee.

I had SO much fun making this list of Anne of Green Gables gifts, and I hope you find just the right thing for your kindred spirit.

Jewelry and Clothing Inspired by Anne of Green Gables

That lush Puffin book cover makes for a stellar sweatshirt, and I can’t resist that Kindred Spirits pin. Look closely at the llama top, and you’ll see that it says, “Call me Cordelia.” 😂

Anne of Green Gables Mugs

Green Gables is the epitome of homey warmth—perfect for a mug. And Anne’s funny one-liners will put a smile on your face first thing in the morning while you’re waiting for your coffee to kick in.

Anne of Green Gables Stocking Stuffers

Here are some fun, simple Anne of Green Gables gifts that you can give your bosom friend. That green book—it’s a pillow (with a cover that opens)! And I must say that those bookmark clips are divine.

Anne Shirley Crafts & Cookbooks

Back in Anne’s day, girls knew what to do with knitting and embroidery needles. Here are some cute ways to bring your love of Anne Shirley into your craft room (and your kitchen).

Anne of Green Gables Movies & TV

Remember the wonderful Anne of Green Gables miniseries from the ’80s produced by Sullivan Entertainment? It’s not available to stream on many of the major platforms like Netflix or Amazon, but it’s THE best adaptation to date because it stays true to the heart of the novels. (The latter installments of the miniseries go way off book, but the first two are golden.)

So, how can you get your eyes on it? With GazeboTV, the exclusive streaming platform for Sullivan Entertainment. Sign up for free, and rent or buy movies and shows a la carte. You can also purchase a monthly subscription and unlock everything on the platform. You can buy a gift subscription for your dear Diana, Marilla, or even your Rachel Lynde, haha.

I’m not going to lie. It’s pricey. Expect to pay way more per rental than you would anywhere else. It’s a lot more logical to buy the stuff and own it forever. But, honestly, it’s worth it. In addition to the Anne miniseries, I highly recommend all seven seasons of The Road to Avonlea miniseries. It’s heartwarming entertainment for the whole family. I remember watching it on the Disney Channel in the ’90s (back when Disney was still good).

Anne of Green Gables Books & Collections

There’s nothing like having beautiful copies of your favorite book series. So many of my favorites are secondhand paperbacks. These Green Gables box sets are perfect for friends who love to actually read the books (or for a young girl who loved Book 1 and can’t wait to read the rest).

Anne-Inspired Books

If you need a gift for someone who loves Anne of Green Gables but who already owns all of the books, then this is the section for you. Here’s a booklist with reimaginings, spinoffs, devotionals, and nonfiction. These may be my favorite Anne of Green Gables gifts on this list!

What are your favorite Anne of Green Gables gifts?

What did I miss? Drop a comment with your favorite Anne-inspired gifts.