22 Superb Summer Reading Book Lists for Mom

22 Superb Summer Reading Book Lists for Mom

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Some books are just better when you read them in a bathing suit. (Just kidding! I hate wearing bathing suits.)

How about this instead? Some books are just better when you read them with sand between your toes. Or lounging in a hammock. Or by the light of a campfire.

Ahh…summer reading bliss.

Let’s decide what to read, shall we?

Since we all have different tastes, I’ve decided to give you a megalist of book lists. Yep, this is a list of lists—plus a gallery of my personal favorite summer books for moms at the very end of this post.

You’ll see lists of classic books, romances, mysteries, travel-themed lists, and summer-themed roundups.

Click on the lists that appeal to you, and jot down the titles that capture your fancy.

Also, if you haven’t already, grab your Summer Reading Challenge Printable Pack. It’s free and loaded with fun trackers, book logs, and such. I designed this for you AND your family, so it’s kid-friendly.

22 Summer Reading Book Lists for Moms

These book lists originate with some truly wonderful women from around the world! In addition to finding some great books, I hope that you also find some virtual book buddies to follow.

Please don’t skip 👇

I haven’t read every book on each of these lists—impossible. But I made an effort to include lists by a variety of readers, even those who have tastes that differ from my own. However, I must say that the majority of these lists DO come from sources that I trust, although I can’t endorse every book that you’ll see recommended. Hope you’re okay with that! 

If you scroll to the bottom of this post, you’ll see a gallery of books that I have personally read and think are worthy of your poolside reading time. 🙌

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Michelle’s Summer Reading Book List for Mom

Here are a few of my personal favorite books that I think pair well with ice cream cones, beach blankets, and camping chairs.

Behold, my personal summer reading book list for mom.

Get Free Summer Reading Challenge Printables

Here’s a FUN and FLEXIBLE way to read with your family this summer. Printable reading trackers, challenge grids, reward ideas, and book lists. And it’s free.

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What’s on your summer reading TBR?

Leave me a comment with the books you’re planning on reading this summer! I’d LOVE to know what’s on your reading radar.

Summer Reading Challenge 2023

Summer Reading Challenge 2023

Let’s make this summer one for the books!

There’s something for every member of the family (even you, Mom!)

Start Here

  1. Download the Summer Reading Challenge Pack. It’s got all the printables you’ll need.
  2. Skim this page. I’ll walk you through your summer reading options.
  3. Keep an eye on your email. I’ll be sending tips, booklists, and freebies throughout the summer. 🎉
  4. Go straight to the booklists, and start building your TBR. Click here for the booklist gallery.

Here’s what’s inside!

I’ve got three types of reading challenge pages for you to choose from. Take what you like, and leave what you don’t! You da boss!

How to use it: Every time you finish a book, ❎ or ✅ the next square on the game board. Simple!

Use the short 5-space or the long 10-space board.

What if you finish early? No prob. Start over with a fresh board and see if you can reach the finish line before the end of summer

How to use it: Choose the small, medium, or large grid, and handwrite challenges in each square. (I’ve included a prefilled grid for those of you who want that!)

When you complete a challenge, ❎ that square. Try to get BINGO or blackout before the end of summer.

Can’t think of challenge ideas? Never fear! I’ve got two lists with over 60 ideas. 🙌 I’ve included a mix of read-a-book challenges as well as “bookish experiences” to cross off your summer bucket list.

How to use it: Keep track of the reading stats that matter to you! Here are a few examples of what you can track on this page.

  • Number of books you finish. This works great if you’re reading a slew of picture books to your toddlers.
  • Number of minutes read. Every day, jot down the number of minutes you read in a circle. Keep at it every day.
  • Number of days you read. Did you read today? If the answer is yes, then color the circle or mark it with a sticker or ✅. Keep at it every day.

It’s fun to watch those numbers accumulate! (I have a numbers-loving kid in my house who goes gaga for this.)

When you reach a certain milestone, break out some celebratory rewards!

And here are a few fun extras!

TBR: A page to keep track of the books you want to read at some point.

Reading Log: A page to list all the books you finish this summer.

Book Review Journal: Write book reviews brimming with your personal feelings and opinions.

Reading Rewards: No, these aren’t bribes. They’re mini-celebrations of all the great books your family has read! I’ve got a page filled with no- and low-cost reward ideas. (Summer reading shouldn’t lead to bankruptcy.)

You may be asking yourself, “Will signing up for this challenge lead to a sales sequence for a slew of products?” NO. 🎉 This is purely for fun! I won’t try to sell you a thing. Just want to address this in case you’re leery!

Summer Reading Book Lists for the Whole Family

Summer reading book lists for mom

Stay tuned! More book lists are on the way!