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I Want to Read More, But There’s Just No Way…

If your kids are like mine, they have a sixth sense for when you’re relaxing and enjoying yourself. The second you sit down and take a breath, a voice calls, “Mooooooom!!!!”

Finding the time and space to read seems impossible when you’re in the thick of motherhood. Reading is a luxury you just can’t afford.

And when you do get an hour (okay, a minute) to yourself…well, let’s just say that watching Netflix or scrolling Instagram is a lot easier than reading.

Plus, you don’t even know what books you like to read anymore. You pick up the latest buzzy novel, and it’s a total bomb for you. Where have all the good books gone?

Once upon a time, you loved reading. How can you relight the spark?

Finding great books to read (and actually reading them) is hard when you don’t know where to start.

But, I have good news for you…

You can rediscover your love of books and cultivate reading habits that nourish your heart and soul, which, let’s face it, is the part of ourselves that’s often the most starved.

The best place to start? The email newsletter👇