Ultimate Digital Reading Tracker


Effortlessly keep track of the books you’ve read and your reading stats in a clean, organized Google spreadsheet. Video walkthrough

Product Description

Welcome to the easiest way to keep track of the books you read! 

This editable Google Sheets template beautifully displays your reading stats in a clean, organized layout.

Check out this walkthrough video to see before you buy.

This product is a done-for-you Google Spreadsheet that includes the following tabs:

  • Tab 1: Welcome page with 3 video tutorials, explaining exactly how to use this spreadsheet to its fullest. You DON’T need to be a spreadsheet whiz.
  • Tab 2: Book Log Master list of all the books you’ve read—with filtering and sorting capabilities!
  • Tab 3: Reading Snapshot Your book data is displayed in beautiful charts and graphs.
  • Tab 4: TBR Keep track of the books you want to read next.
  • Tab 5: 5×5 Challenge Create a FUN reading challenge personalized to YOU!
  • Tab 6: Mini Reading Journal Jot down notes, quotes, and quick reviews.

The Book Log tracks book data across 18 fields:

  1. Title
  2. Author
  3. My Star Rating
  4. Type (fiction/nonfiction)
  5. Primary Genre (select from drop-down)
  6. Secondary Genre (select from drop-down)
  7. # of Pages
  8. Date finished
  9. DNFs
  10. Year published
  11. Mood (select from drop-down)
  12. Pace (select from drop-down)
  13. Driving force (select from drop-down)
  14. Series
  15. Format (print, digital, audio)
  16. Owned
  17. Content Warnings
  18. Notes

You can sort and filter your books by any of these fields. For example, you can sort books by date finished. You can choose to display only 5-star reads.

Why should you keep a digital book log?

  1. Easy and Organized! Drop-down menus allow you to select from multiple preloaded options.
  2. Automatic Stats at a Glance! Tables and charts automatically display your aggregated data every time you enter a new book.
  3. Filter and Sort. Play around with your book data to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.
  4. Keyword Search. The digital format allows you to search the entire spreadsheet by keyword. 
  5. Read more, read better! It’s incredibly motivating to track the books you’ve read. You get a real sense of who you are as a reader, what types of books suit you best, and how reading impacts you as a person.

What You Will Receive:

A PDF containing the link to the Google spreadsheet. The link will prompt you to make a copy to your own Google Drive.

You can export this Google Spreadsheet to Excel, there is no guarantee this spreadsheet will work exactly the same in Excel.


This is a digital product. No physical product will be sent to you. This is a downloadable file.

This product is for personal use ONLY and is copyrighted by The Book Devotions. You may not resell or redistribute this product. It cannot be resold, recreated, redistributed, reproduced, or used commercially in any way.

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