Disclosure Policy

The Book Devotions is a website created and maintained by me, Michelle Watson. Here are all the ways that I earn money from this website, as well as my commitment to, you, my readers.


I will never place on-page banner ads or pop-ups on this website. They are annoying, and I love you too much to subject you to them.

Affiliate sales

I do participate in affiliate programs. That means if you click an affiliate link and buy, then I may receive a small commission on qualifying sales. 

This does NOT result in any added cost to you. 

I only recommend products that I believe are the right fit for you, my readers. I typically link to most (if not all) book titles to make it easier for you to click through for more information about the book. I don’t link to books that I believe are harmful. I may also omit a link to a book to avoid the unappealing appearance of a “sea of links” in an article. 

Per FTC guidelines, I include an affiliate disclosure on all content that contains affiliate ads. 

Here are the affiliate programs that I participate in:


I may receive free books, products, or services in exchange for an honest review. I always include a sponsorship disclosure on this kind of content, and all opinions are entirely my own. I’d never lie about a product to make a sale (ick).

And that’s how I keep the lights on here at The Book Devotions!

Questions? Please reach out.