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The Book Devotions is for people who love to read books and want to make it a priority.

Here, we read for the sheer delight of it. In the process, we learn and grow.

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The Essential Devotions

These short articles describe what The Book Devotions is all about. Consider this my manifesto.

Let’s lose ourselves in books!

Losing yourself in a book is more than just enjoying a bit of entertainment. It’s sanctifying to your soul. Here’s why.

Reading is not a guilty pleasure

Why do you feel so guilty for taking time to read books? Let’s release the guilt and embrace the gift.

Is reading books good for you?

Or is it a time-waster that detracts from your spiritual walk?

Why the world needs readers (like you)

Is being a reader that important in the big scheme of things? YES, it is. Discover why the world needs readers now more than ever.

Read to relax (here’s why it works)

I read to relax and destress, and I bet you do, too. But WHY is reading so relaxing? Here’s why books are your fast track to R&R.

Bookworm Alert!

Here’s the latest on the blog.

Book Reviews for May 2023

Book Reviews for May 2023

My book reviews for May 2023 include a backlist title by an author I love, a DNF of a mega-popular novel, and some great kids books (as always).

Book Reviews for March 2023

Book Reviews for March 2023

My book reviews for March 2023 include a few ADORABLE romcoms, an emotional novel that brought me to tears, and lots of fun middle-grade series.

Book Reviews for February 2023

Book Reviews for February 2023

Here are my book reviews for February 2023. I’m in the middle of a doorstopper classic. I read YA fantasy, a modern romance, and a bunch of kids books.

Your Year in Books 2022

Your Year in Books 2022

Here’s how to take a snapshot of your Year in Books. I’ll show you mine for 2022, and you can use it as a template to map your best-loved reads of the year.

Book Reviews for Winter 2022

Book Reviews for Winter 2022

Here are my book reviews for winter 2022. Lots of five-star books this month, including two atmospheric literary novels and (probably) the best motherhood book I’ve ever read.