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The Essential Devotions

These three short articles describe what The Book Devotions is all about.

Reading is not a guilty pleasure

Why do you feel so guilty for taking time to read books? Let’s release the guilt and embrace the gift.

Is reading books good for you?

Or is it a time-waster that detracts from your spiritual walk?

Why the world needs readers (like you)

Is being a reader that important in the big scheme of things? YES, it is. Discover why the world needs readers now more than ever.

Rediscover your love of reading

Been in a reading slump, my friend? Everything you need to love reading again is just a click away. This is a step-by-step journey that leads you back to your book-self, even if you’re starting from zero!

Revel in all the bookish things…

I’m in the process of writing the best articles I can for you. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Suggest a topic, and I’ll write it up as best I can!

Book Reviews for May 2022

Book Reviews for May 2022

Here are my book reviews for May 2022, including two great nonfiction titles, a slow-burn romance and a totally unexpected children’s classic.