5 Free printable reading trackers for adults

Written by Michelle Watson

March 15, 2023

There are a ton of free printable reading trackers out there for kids. Gotta track that summer reading for free pizza, right?

But what about YOU?!

You don’t need your parent’s signature on your book log, nor do you want clipart animals floating on the page.

That’s why I created this bundle of 5 free printable reading trackers for adults. (Psst! They work really well for teen readers, too!) 

They’re high on style and low on ink. Plus, they come in color AND black and white versions. 

Free printable reading trackers

These’ll help you hit those grand reading goals you’ve set for yourself. (And who says you can’t reward yourself with pizza?)

When you download the bundle of free printable reading trackers, here’s what you’ll get: 

  • Daily reading habit tracker (two versions)
  • Books read by month
  • Basic book log (a running list)
  • Book log with summary (booklist with room for notes)
  • A year-in-review snapshot (best-ofs)

I’ll show you each one below, so keep going!

I already know that I want them!

Free printable reading habit tracker

1. Track Your Reading Habit (and don’t break your streak!)

Track the number of DAYS you’ve read over the course of a month with this free printable reading tracker. This is the best book tracker if you want to get back in the habit of reading every day.

There’s room for you to keep track of up to six books per month. In the photo, I’m tracking the novels I read for Middle Grade March.

Write the book titles on the lines, and then mark the days you read each of them. Do this by coloring the box, filling it with an X, or jotting the number of pages or minutes you spent reading.

Free printable reading tracker

4. Track the Books You Read Each Month

Most people read seasonally—did you know that? We crave certain types of books during certain months of the year. Beach reads in summer. Cozy mysteries in the fall. Romances in the spring. Yep! 

I’m pretty sure this is why we sometimes like to group our books by month. This free printable reading tracker does just that.

It’s got an empty box for each month. I didn’t want to structure it any further than that because it gives you the freedom to decide what goes into the box. For example, you can jot down:

  • The book title and author (maybe with your star rating)
  • An X or a “heart” for each book you complete.
  • Different symbols that represent different types of books.

It’s up to you!

Free printable reading tracker

2. Keep a Basic Book Log (simplest!)

This free printable reading tracker works like a book log template. 

Jot down the book details, and you’ve got a running list of all the books you’ve read. When you fill up the page, simply print a new one and keep going. 

I love this one because you can quickly scan all the book titles at a glance.

Free printable reading tracker

3. Keep a Book Log (with a summary)

This free printable reading tracker has a summary box attached to each title. This allows you to jot down a few notes about each book—a quick easy book summary to jog your memory about the book. 

What should you write in the book summary box? 

  • A few things you liked about the book
  • A few things you didn’t like or wish were different
  • The genre (romance? fantasy?)
  • The format (print, audio, Kindle)
  • A few words that describe it (emotional, inspiring, dry, etc.)
Free printable reading tracker

5. Track Your Year in Books

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is reflect back on the books I’ve read and see just how MUCH reading happened. It’s SO motivating!

This page helps you do exactly that. Tally the total number of books you’ve read. Decide on your Top 5s (genre, authors, fiction books, nonfiction books).

Then, the Snaphot at the bottom contains a handful of fun questions about your reading life. The next time your friend wants a book recommendation, go straight to your snapshot for inspiration!

I want these free printable reading trackers!

Free printable reading tracker

Grab these free printable reading trackers right now!

Do they come in black and white? YES! So, if you want to choose your own colors and embellishments, go for it! Otherwise, they come in a pretty palette of pinks and teals.

Free printable reading trackers in a PDF bundle

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