A Question of Yams (Book Review)

Written by Michelle Watson

April 16, 2024

You’ll love it if
you want to read a missionary-themed book with your young kids

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A Question of Yams

By Gloria Repp
Illustrated by Roger Bruckner

Plot & Pacing
Writing Craft
Moral Value

Great for kids who are starting to read on their own

This short book came with our homeschool curriculum, and my little boys enjoyed it. They easily could’ve read it themselves. It’s perfect for early readers (big font, few words on a page). And it has a strong Christian message.

Our protagonist, Kuri, is a young boy who lives in an African village where missionaries have converted his father to Christianity. It’s customary to pray to the spirits when planting your yearly yams, but Kuri’s father prays to Jesus instead. He gets pushback from the village Head Men, who warn him that the spirits will blight his crop.

The book is about what happens to Kuri and his family. Does God come through for them?

I like that this book shows that, after becoming a Christian, your life isn’t perfect, but you have God to turn to when tough times come. I also really liked how Kuri’s father prays for the Head Men instead of expressing hatred.

This wasn’t overly satisfying in the plot or character departments, but for a Christian kids’ book, it stands above the crowd.


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