The Balter of Ashton Harper (Book Review)

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The Balter of Ashton Harper

By Millie Florence

Plot & Pacing
Writing Craft
Moral Value

A message of courage for kids who are too scared to reach for their dreams

What an incredible accomplishment for a teen author! This sweet story explores what it means to have hope when hope feels unrealistic and risky. The plot did not take the turns I expected, and what started as historical middle-grade took a turn into fantasyland.

Ashton Harper loves to dance. He secretly harbors hopes of attending a prestigious school of dance. But there’s no way he’ll get in, so why try? Why care?

Ashton and his two sisters DO get a shot at auditioning for the school…will they take it? The story follows Ashton as he figures out what he really wants from life, what’s truly important, and how to let go of his fears and insecurities.

This book is perfect for young readers who love the Regency era but want to read middle-grade (not adult romance, which tends to dominate).

Here’s where I interviewed Millie on Library Binding. She is a pure drop of sunshine!


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