The War on the West (Book Review)

Written by Michelle Watson

April 20, 2024

You’ll love it if
you want to better understand how to defend the west from unjust, hypocritical cancellation

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The War on the West

By Douglas Murray

Writing Craft
Moral Value

You can’t dismiss Douglas Murray

The man is fearless, brilliant, and eloquent. You can’t pooh-pooh him as a political talking head. Not when he travels, reads, listens, and fully engages with the matters that he’s chosen to care about.

I disagree with Murray on some essential things, religion for one. But I agree with him when it comes to the subject of this book.

Western culture, religion, and philosophy have contributed to some of the most significant advances in history, giving birth to the most peaceful, prosperous, and free nations the planet has ever seen.

Have westerners done wrong? Of course! Is the west above reproach? Of course not!

But Murray does a fantastic job of describing the gross double standard that exists right now. People are throwing the baby out with the bathwater where the west is concerned. Instead of valuing and preserving the good, some people find it much more convenient to say “It’s all bad” and seek to destroy and defame it wholesale.

I loved the interlude on gratitude. If you don’t read anything else in this book, read that. It touched my heart. Murray says that hatred of the west stems from a deep-seated ingratitude. You can’t tear down something you’re grateful for. We are so profoundly ungrateful for the freedom, peace, and prosperity that we enjoy in the west. Instead, we nitpick our blessings until we’re convinced that they’re shameful burdens.

There’s no doubt that Murray is angry. You can feel his anger boiling beneath his lyrical prose. The dude is mad. Some readers may be off-put by this, but I wasn’t. He’s alarmed and upset in the same way you’d be if you discovered someone in the act of trying to commit suicide. What are you doing to yourself?? Stop hurting yourself right this second!

If you can, listen to the audiobook. Douglas Murray has a beautiful voice.


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